@Eigen Layer | Ethereum’s restaking protocol

Eigen Layer. Eigen Layer is a protocol that enables decentralized and scalable services on Ethereum. Learn about its features, whitepaper, restaking, node operation, AVS EigenLayer is a permissionless feature addition to Ethereum that aims to improve data availability, fair ordering, and consensus. Explore the whitepaper, videos, papers, and EigenLayer is a platform that allows protocols to leverage Ethereum's trust network without building their own validator sets. Users can restake their ETH on We will break down the significance of EIGEN, its core ideas, its high-level implementation, how it extends the utility of Ethereum, and the impact on open EigenLayer is a protocol that allows users to restake their ETH or LST and earn rewards for securing multiple services on Ethereum. Learn how EigenLayer works, why build with it, Eigen Layer represent a compelling paradigm in the field of neural networks, offering a principled approach to feature learning and representation. By integrating the principles